Events at AireCon are designed around fun! Have look below to see what we've got planned, they're a great way to get involved, meet new people and enhance your convention experience. We'll be updating this page regularly as we book in more entertainment.

Super Board
£20 for team of four people
Saturday: 11am-7pm, Conservatory and Geeknson VIP area

A team tabletop tournament with an amazing prize!
The SuperBoard is a knock-out tournament, this year it's sponsored by Geeknson, and as such we've upped the ante!

Tournament details
SuperBoard runs from 11am-7pm on the Saturday at AireCon, it's played through group stages, then knockout stages until just two teams remain in a battle for the title of SuperBoard champions and the prize bounty listed above. Can your team knock Salford and Manchester Gaming Haven from their perch as SuperBoard champions, or will they hold their titles?

During each stage up to the final each member of the team plays a different game agains the other teams, points awarded for placement in that game. The winning teams then go through to the next stage. From the quarter finals the games are played on Geeknson Tables in the Geeknson VIP area.

Group stages, 11am-2pm - 32 teams in 8 groups of four teams, top team from each group progresses
Each team member plays each game once
Quarter finals, 3.30pm - 8 teams, top 4 teams progress
Each team member plays one gam
Semi finals, 4.30pm - 4 teams, top 2 teams progress
Each team member plays one game
Finals, 6pm - 2 teams
Game: Each team plays an identical cooperative game, whoever lasts the longest wins

How to enter
To enter this epic tabletop battle you just need to buy a ticket for your team from our ticket page, it's just £20 for the whole team -

Board Game Quiz

The Board Game Quiz returns!

Come along with a team or join one on the day, bring a drink and prepare to be challenged! A standard pub quiz, but every question is board game related.

Jollyboat LIVE!
Free entry

Jollyboat bring their energetic brand of comedy pirate rock to AireCon, a free gig for everyone!

Mega-Karuba sponsored by HABA
Free entry

Loads of people playing Karuba all at the same time, rules explanation will be given at the start by Rodney Smith

Mega-NMBR 9 sponsored by Z-Man
Free entry

Loads of people playing NMBR 9 all at the same time, rules explanation will be given at the start by Rodney Smith.

Super Fun Awesome Party Game Time LIVE!
Free entry

Laughs aplenty in this team competition of silly fun and hilarious challenges, come and join in a team or just watch.

Tabletop Escape Game Contest - Sponsored by Asmodee
Free entry

Up to 15 teams of five people competing in an escape game. Will your team be the first to complete the challenge and win the game?

Prizes of Unlock donated by Asmodee UK will be awarded to the fastest teams in each session.

Live podcasts
Free entry

Bloggers, vloggers and, er, ploggers (what is someone that hosts a podcast called?) take to the stage to talk about whatever they usually talk about through their chosen medium, but with people watching live!

RPG Taster Sessions
Free entry
Throughout the convention, RPG Zone

All are welcome at the Paizo RPG Marquee, as well as Pathfinder sessions there will be many great RPGs for you to try. Whatever your level of experience there's surely something there for you to discover.

Free entry
Throughout the convetion, Demo Zone

Come and try out some games in development stages, you can chat with the designer and let them know what you love and what you think could be improved about the game. If you'd like to enter a game into playtesting go here.

Two Rooms and a Boom
Free entry

A convention classic and a staple of AireCon, a great way to meet people. Join in the fun and try and save or explode the president! Rules will be explained at the start.

Asmodee Demo Zone
Free entry


Throughout the convention, Asmodee Zone

The Asmodee crew show off the latest and greatest from well known publishers.

Free entry

Interesting seminars covering a variety of topics, we'll update the schedule as we book them in, but they're free to attend and you might just learn something!

Family Zone by Imagination Gaming
Free entry
Throughout the convention, Family Zone

Fun for the whole family with some new family style games. Visit the Imagination Gaming Family Zone and you'll be well looked after.