Events at AireCon are designed around fun! Have look below to see what we did last time, they're a great way to get involved, meet new people and enhance your convention experience. Check our Facebook page closer to the next event for updates of confirmed events.

Super Board

New for AireCon 4 is the Super Board, a Team Tabletop Tournament. Teams of four are pit against each other in a knock-out contest, playing different games, until only one team remains. You can enter as a games club, a group of friends or just with people that will help you win!

The tournament is limited to eight teams, and there's an entry charge of just £2 per person to cover the cost of a trophy! It'll be played over three rounds, and half of the teams will be knocked out at the end of each round. All games will be played with the base rules, unless otherwise specified in advance. Each team member will play a different game against other team members and then scored depending on where they place. The scores will be added together to create a team score, 1st - 5points, 2nd - 3points, 3rd - 2 points, 4th - 1 point, cheating will result in disqualification from that game and result in a zero score.. The finalists will have to work well together as a team to ensure victory.

Team names, face paint and mascots are all encouraged.

Quarter finals, eight teams - Splendor, Karuba, For Sale, Carcassonne
Semi-finals, four teams - Ticket to Ride: Europe, 7 Wonders, Catan, King of Tokyo
Final, two teams - Pandemic (set up with identical decks)

Prize: Trophy and free entry for four people to AireCon 5
To enter: Purchase a ticket from
The ticket costs £8 and covers entry into the tournament for a team of four people. Each team member must have a valid ticket that permits entry to AireCon on Saturday 11 March.

Board Game Quiz

The Board Game Quiz returns!

Come along with a team or join one on the day, bring a drink and prepare to be challenged! A standard pub quiz, but every question is board game related.

You can have a go at the quiz yourself by downloading it here;

Mega-Karuba sponsored by HABA

Loads of people playing Karuba all at the same time, rules explanation will be given at the start.

Imagination Gaming Family Zone

Fun for the whole family with some new family style games. Visit the Imagination Gaming Family Zone and you'll be well looked after.

IQ Games Mini-Tournaments

Just turn up to join in these various mini-tournaments for games such as Ticket To Ride, Splendor, Cash n Guns and more! Free to enter and you could win an exclusive prize.

Giant Wits and Wagers

Laughs aplenty in this giant version of the classic party game.

Gaming Jam sponsored by ITB Games

Ever wanted to have a go at designing a game? Come along on Sunday to this event sponsored by ITB games, we'll have lots of stuff, and bits for you to choose from, perhaps you'll even design the next SdJ winner!

Live Podcaster Panels

Entertaining, interactive and controversial at times, join well known board game podcasters as they discuss a variety of topics. Expect to see folks from Polyhedron Collider, Breacher 18, The Broken Meeple, Toucan Play that Game and Yog-Sothoth. 

RPG Taster Sessions

All are welcome at the Paizo RPG Marquee, as well as Pathfinder sessions there will be many great RPGs for you to try. Whatever your level of experience there's surely something there for you to discover.


Come and try out some games in development stages, you can chat with the designer and let them know what you love and what you think could be improved about the game. If you'd like to enter a game into playtesting go here.

Social games

We will be running several large social games again, such as Two Rooms and a Boom, a great way to meet people whilst having a fun time! Rules will be explained beforehand and several games in a row will be played.

Giant In A Bind

Bez guides you in a large version of this silly and fun game played using custom cards.

Gaming Rules! Previews and Prototypes

Paul Grogan from Gaming Rules! has some sneak peeks and exclusives from CGE, Space Cowboys and LudiCreations.

Classic Warlord

Join in this great wargame, guided by the designer. Pit yourself against others to see who can come out on top.


KaleidoSpeed World Championship - Colour perception speed test
KaleidoQuery? - Give feedback and get entered into a raffle
KaleidoCreate - Design your own game using the KaelidoCards deck