Events at AireCon are designed around fun! Have look below to see what we've got planned, they're a great way to get involved, meet new people and enhance your convention experience. We'll be updating this page regularly as we book in more entertainment.

KeyForge Sealed Deck Tournament
£10 for entry, includes a deck
Saturday at 12pm for registration in tournament area, 1pm start

Tournament details
Enter the Crucible in this battle to find the finest Archons around!

This will be a sealed deck tournament, with some deck switching in later stages.
You are not permitted to bring your own deck.
Games will be timed to 45 minutes.
Up to 40 players in each tournament.

Group stages, 1-4.45pm - swiss style tournament, games time limited to 35 minutes
Semi finals, 4pm-6.30pm - The top four players will enter the semi-finals in a deck-switching knock best of 3 game, switching decks for game 2 and bidding chains for deck choice in game 3. The number 1 seed will play against the number 4 seed, and number 2 will play number 3, matches limited to 90 minutes
Final 6.30pm-8pm - The two prevailing Archons will battle each other in a best of 3 game, same rules as the semi-final.

Prizes - Prize support will be given by Asmodee, more details to follow

How to enter - come to the Tournament Zone in Hall Q at 12pm

Free entry
Crown Suite

We all love games, obviously, but this is a chance to meet others at AireCon that share another interest beyond games! Just come along, bring relevant things to share if you wish, and meet likeminded people.

Comics - hosted by Travelling Man
Saturday, 8-9pm
More than just Marvel vs DC, come and chat all things comics.

Craft Beer - with Mark of AireCon
Saturday, 9-10pm
Talk all things hop, malt, yeast, water and whatever the latest trend it. Average percentage at 6.5%.

Knitting Circle - Run by BaaRamEwe
Saturday, 6-7pm
Bring your knits or start one there and share your favourite patterns.

Baking - with special guest Kim Joy of GBBO
Saturday, 7-8pm
Bring along your tastiest treats for others to try.

Charity Raffle with Board Game Exposure
Raffle Tickets to enter, Kings Suite
Saturday, 4.30pm entries, 5.30pm draws

We’ve got a tonne of prizes to give away in a Chinese style auction, only enter for the prize piles you’re interested in winning. Enter from 4.30-5.30pm, draws will be done at 5.30pm. Tickets are 50p each or 5 for £2.

You, or a proxy, will need to be in attendance for the draws with your ticket, to claim your prize. No cash alternatives and postage is not possible.

Fameeple Fortunes
Free entry, Kings Suite
Saturday, 7pm

The I Play Red team host this board game version of the classic TV show with reviewers vs publishers teams to see who will be crowned victorious.

Board Game Quiz
Free entry, Kings Suite
Friday, 9pm

The Board Game Quiz returns!

Come along with a team or join one on the day, bring a drink and prepare to be challenged! A standard pub quiz, but every question is board game related.

One of your team will need internet access (public WiFi is available) to play.

Jollyboat LIVE!
Free entry, Kings Suite
Saturday, 9pm

Jollyboat bring their energetic brand of comedy pirate rock to AireCon, a free gig for everyone!

Mega-Karuba sponsored by HABA
Free entry, Kings Suite
Friday, 3.30pm
Saturday, 10.30am
Sunday, 11am

Loads of people playing Karuba all at the same time, rules explanation will be given at the start.

Mega-NMBR 9 sponsored by Z-Man
Free entry, Kings Suite
Friday, 12.30pm
Saturday, 1.30pm
Sunday, 3.30pm

Loads of people playing NMBR 9 all at the same time, rules explanation will be given at the start.

Super Fun Awesome Party Game Time 2 - The Reimagining LIVE!
Free entry, Kings Suite
Friday, 7pm

Laughs aplenty in this team competition of silly fun and hilarious challenges, come and join in a team or just watch.

Tabletop Escape Game Contest - Sponsored by Asmodee
Free entry - limited to one entry per person over the convention, collect a token from the ticket desk for your chosen game.
Kings Suite

Three different team based tabletop escape games to try and solve.
Gone Viral, Friday 5.30pm, is a harder puzzle with teams pit against each other.

The Abduction, Saturday 12pm, is an easier game, designed for families, although anyone is welcome to take part.

Prizes of Unlock donated by Asmodee UK will be awarded to the fastest teams in each of these sessions.

The Experiment, Sunday, 12.30pm is a huge co-op escape game, with up to 40 people all locked in the same game!

Live podcasts
Free entry, Crown Suite
Board Game Opinions, Saturday, 2.30pm
Polyhedron Collider, Saturday, 4.30pm

Bloggers, vloggers and, er, ploggers (what is someone that hosts a podcast called?) take to the stage to talk about whatever they usually talk about through their chosen medium, but with people watching live!

RPG Taster Sessions
Free entry, RPG Zone
Throughout the convention

All are welcome at the Paizo RPG Marquee, as well as Pathfinder sessions there will be many great RPGs for you to try. Whatever your level of experience there's surely something there for you to discover.

Free entry, Demo Zone
Throughout the convetion

Come and try out some games in development stages, you can chat with the designer and let them know what you love and what you think could be improved about the game. If you'd like to enter a game into playtesting go here.

Gaming Rules! demos
Free entry, Gaming Rules! Demo Zone
Throughout the convention

Paul Grogan from Gaming Rules! will be running demos allweekend of games for your to try out. Details ofhow to book these events will be announced later.

Asmodee Demo Zone
Free entry, Asmodee Zone
Throughout the convention

The Asmodee crew show off the latest and greatest from well known publishers.

Mythic Games Demo Zone
Free entry, Mythic Games Zone
Throughout the convention

The Mythic Games crew show off their super fancy minis and games.

Zatu Demo Zone
Free entry, Zatu Zone
Throughout the convention

The Zatu crew show off the latest and greatest from well known publishers.

Free entry, Crown Suite

Interesting seminars covering a variety of topics, they're free to attend and you might just learn something!

From idea to Sketch to Game Shop Shelf, John Hodgson
Saturday, 11.30am

Gaming Communities, Matt Coward
Saturday, 12.30pm

Data-mining BoardGameGeek, Colm and Dinesh
Saturday, 1.30pm

Family Gaming, Nigel Scarge (Imagination Gaming)
Saturday, 3.30pm

Family Zone by Imagination Gaming
Free entry, Family Zone
Throughout the convention

Fun for the whole family with some new family style games. Visit the Imagination Gaming Family Zone and you'll be well looked after.

Witless Wizards Tournament
Free entry, Tournament Zone
Sunday, 10am

Battle competing conjurers in this game of fast and fun game, can you remember the best spells to become the ultimate Witless Wizard?

Prizes will be awarded.

Four Elements Tournament
£3 entry, Tournament Zone
Sunday, 2pm

Take part in this dexterity battle to out flick your opponents. Each entrant will receive a free booster pack and prizes will be awarded to the winner and runners up.

Bez events
Free entry

+, +‽
Friday 2pm, Kings Suite
Frantically counting colours and shapes. Newbies welcome: Bez will teach her forthcoming game. One normal game. Then, everyone will play with the expansion of confusion! After a final, someone will win some new games!

Kitty Cataclysm
Saturday 2pm, Demo Zone
Chaos, cardplay, dickery and cat puns. Bez will teach her latest game before a series of games. In the end, someone will win a heap of prizes!

Mega Many a Mickell Makes a Muckell
Sunday 2pm, Kings Suite
Work on up to 3 words, trying to make the longest words for the most points. Loads of people playing at the same time. Rules explanation will be given at the start by Bez. After 2 games, 1 in 4 people will win their own Wibbell++ deck and 1 person will win everything Bez has ever mass-produced.