Who is AireCon sponsored by?

AireCon is sponsored by CGETravelling Man and the UK Games Expo. In addition we partner with amazing companies to bring you great events and generally improve the experience of AireCon. Check back here for more info as we confirm.

Who is AireCon for?

AireCon caters for all types of gamer, regardless of who they are and what their experience with gaming. We aim to be inclusive and pretty much anyone is welcome. We welcome groups of all sizes as well as catering for individuals with our 'AireFlags', if you see one of these at a table, there's a game that needs more players!

If you're looking for others to game with head over to our Gameseekers area where you can arrange or find a game, or meet up with others looking to play. You can arrange gams in advance by filling out a Arranged Gaming Form and sticking it on the notice board in the Gameseekers area, you can find the form here.

You might also consider attending one of our events, they're a great way to meet new people.

Who shouldn't attend?

We're pretty relaxed here at AireCon, but there are a few things we ask:
Respect other people
Mind the language (there might be kids around)
Keep on top of your personal hygiene

If you're in doubt, remember Bill & Ted's law, 'Be excellent to each other'.

As long as you can adhere to these simple rules you're our kind of person, otherwise AireCon might not be for you and may result in you being asked to leave the convention.

Who runs AireCon?

Ben, Mark, Rick, and Nabil you can find out why we do it here. You'll see us running around during the event, but we're never too busy to stop and say 'Hi', and if we get chance we'd even love to play a game with you, just ask!

Who do I contact to hire exhibitor space, run an event, talk about advertising/sponsorship or set up playtesting?

Easy, just drop us a line hello@airecon.uk!

Who else will be there?

There will be lots of friendly and welcoming people there, AireCon is well known for a being a fun and relaxed event. There will also be some people that you might recognise from the Internets there, they're all pretty friendly, and would love to chat with you.


What games are played at AireCon?

Analog gaming encompasses all sorts of game types, most commonly board or tabletop games, RPGs, card games, war gaming, social deduction even some computer games. The common theme with games played at AireCon is that they require other people to play with, that's one of the reasons we started AireCon.

What games are available to play?

We have partnered with Travelling Man to bring you a huge games library of over 350 games that you can borrow games from for free throughout the event, just grab a Games Passport and leave a deposit of £10 that you'll get back when you've finished borrowing games.

You can see a list of available games here, it's being added to and updated regularly.

There will be LOADS of RPGs to play to, we have over 20 tables running regular games for just £2 each. You can get your RPG tickets from the main ticket desk. Just hand these in at the RPG Marquee, where there will be details of all games being run, to sign up for a game. Games will be run by experienced GMs at the following times;
Friday: 1.30pm, 7pm
Saturday: 10.30am, 2.30pm, 7pm
Sunday: 10.30am, 3.30pm

If you'd like to run a game, please just fill out the RPG submission form here; airecon.uk/RPG

What else is there to do?

We're busy planning lots of fun events, just head over to our events page to see what we did at the last AireCon.

If you'd like to run or request an event please get in touch with us hello@airecon.uk!

What if I want to buy a game or gaming related merchandise?

We will have a bunch of lovely traders and booking is open, you can download our info pack here. If you'd like trade/exhibition space at AireCon 4, please contact us hello@airecon.uk!

There's also a manned Bring 'n' Buy where you could pick up a bargain or sell your games with no commission to enable you to buy MORE GAMES!

Trade hours are 10am-6pm Saturday and Sunday.

These are all the exhibitors that have confirmed so far, with more coming soon

When is AireCon open?

Friday 9 - Sunday 11 March 2018

General opening hours
Friday 9 March: 1pm-11pm
Saturday 10 March: 10am-11pm
Sunday 11 March: 10am-8pm

Trade area
Saturday 10 March: 10am-6pm
Sunday 11 March: 10am-6pm

Bring 'n' Buy
Friday 9 March: 1pm-6pm (1-2pm check in only)
Saturday 10 March: 10am-6pm (10-11am check in only)
Sunday 11 March: 10am-6pm (5-6pm check out only)

Family Zone by Imagination Gaming
Friday 9 March: 1pm-6pm
Saturday 10 March: 10am-6pm
Sunday 11 March: 10am-6pm

When were previous AireCons?

AireCon 4: 10-12 March 2017, HIC, Harrogate - Gallery coming soon

AireCon 3: 21-22 October 2016, Jubilee Centre, Bradford

AireCon 2: 1-2 April 2016, Jubilee Centre, Bradford

AireCon 1: 31 July - 1 August, 2015, Mark's House, Leeds

Where is AireCon?

Harrogate Convention Centre, we will be using Hall Q as the central focus for the event with open gaming, exhibitors and more all together. We'll also have the King's Suite, that we'll use for events and seminars.

Harrogate is ideally located, not far from the A1, just get off at J45 from the south or J47 from the north and follow the signs. Click here for parking information. There's good rail links, and the station is just 5 minutes away and it's only 20 minutes from Leeds/Bradford Airport.

Where is there to stay nearby?

There are loads of hotels and BnBs to suit all budgets within a short walk of HIC, for more information, click here!

Where can I find information about exhibition space, advertising, sponsorship?

Easy! Just drop us a line at hello@airecon.uk!

Why run AireCon?

We enjoy playing board games.

A lot.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of when that big move pays off, when the strategy that you laid out earlier in the game comes to fruition and victory is yours!

However, the thing we enjoy most about board gaming is sitting down with a bunch of people and sharing a fun experience. Whether it's long-standing friends or people you've just met, board games have a way of bringing people together that immediately gives you all something in common, something to unite over.

This is the reason we started AireCon, for people to get together, play some games and have a tonne of fun! The focus at AireCon is on actually playing games, hence the massive amount of table space and the huge library.

Whether you came to the inaugural AireCon at Mark's house or you're considering attending your first AireCon you are so very welcome. After all, it is the people that make those memorable experiences!


Why is it called AireCon?

We're all fans of a good pun, and when Mark was first thinking of running a gaming event in his house (whilst he was supposed to be working) he was looking up name origins of other conventions. One of the world's best known board game conventions, GenCon, is named after a lake so Mark started think about what was around or near his house, it didn't take long before he realised that his house in Guiseley, Leeds was in Aireborough, in the Aire Valley near the River Aire. It was a natural fit to call it AireCon, and sounded way better than his other thoughts of GuiCon or MarkCon. Plus, it's cool.

Why the squiggle?

The squiggle through the AireCon lettering is the River Aire and the logo is based on a corner view of stack of board games, not a weird Illuminati symbol.

How do I get in?

To attend AireCon you just need to buy a ticket

If you are involved in Board Game media of any kind and would like more information about a press pass, please get in touch with Mark; mark@airecon.uk

How do I get a stand?

Just get in touch with Mark: mark@airecon.uk!

How do I volunteer?

Volunteer to become part of the AireCrew and you'll get cool free stuff, the more volunteering you do, the more stuff you get! To find out more about volunteering and to apply to be part of the AireCrew go to airecon.uk/volunteer