Congratulations on making it into the final eight teams of the very first SuperBoard!

Your team will go down in history as one of the first eight teams ever to play in the SuperBoard, but can trump the rest and have your name etched onto the trophy for all eternity as victors in this epic team tabletop tournament?

Please fill in the form below with your team name, team members and contact details

SuperBoard is played over three rounds, with half of the teams being knocked out at the end of each round. All games will be played with the base rules, unless otherwise specified in advance. Any cheating will result in disqualification from that game and a score of zero. If you do not have a full compliment of 4 team members you can choose which games not to enter people into, but will score zero for that game.

Face paint and mascots are all encouraged.

Each team member will play a different game against other team members and then scored depending on where they place. The scores will be added together to create a team score;

1st - 5 points
2nd - 3 points
3rd - 2 points
4th - 1 point.

If there is a tie having exhausted all tiebreakers in the game rules the player who had less turns will score higher, if there is still a tie the points for the two places will be added together and divided, rounding down.

The finalists will have to work well together as a team to ensure victory.

Quarter finals, eight teams - Splendor, Karuba, For Sale, Carcassonne
Semi-finals, four teams - Ticket to Ride: Europe, 7 Wonders, Catan, King of Tokyo
Final, two teams - Pandemic (set up with identical decks)

Prize: Trophy and free entry for four people to AireCon 5

Captain - Team member 1 *
Captain - Team member 1
Team member 2 *
Team member 2
Team member 3 *
Team member 3
Team member 4 *
Team member 4